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We offer a complete range of administration and secretarial services which are needed to ensure the smooth and efficient conduct of business across various countries.

Mastserve’s main asset is our dedicated and experienced team of specialists who can undertake the entire process of company registration.

Cyprus International Trusts offer a plethora of tax advantages and provide significant tax planning possibilities. Trusts are used as a tool for many reasons, including the protection of assets and for inheritance planning purposes.

Our qualified and experienced team of professionals (and selected associates) can provide accounting services to Cyprus and International companies, in accordance with the needs and requirements of each Client.

Other Services


Mastserve Ltd can assist clients to acquire the sought-after Cyprus (EU) passport with the preparation, filing and monitoring the application for Cyprus Citizenship and will oversee the entire process to ensure that approval is granted in the shortest possible time frame.


Cyprus’ favourable tax system in conjunction with the double tax treaties with over 50 countries around the globe, has established the island as one of the leading financial centres.

Doing Business In Cyprus

Cyprus is quickly becoming an intentional financial center with an increasing number of intentional companies choosing to do business in Cyprus.

In recognition of this development, Cyprus has been voted as the most attractive European tax regime by major business organizations in Europe.

The island, being a member of the European Union, offers unrivalled advantages to international companies who carry out business in Cyprus.

With a transparent and efficient business environment and tax system, Cyprus companies are the ideal mechanism for the protection of your business and a perfect instrument for efficient intentional tax planning.

Cyprus has been commended for the stability of its tax law, the consistency in interpreting its tax legislation and its low tax rates.

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