Message from the Chairman

After many years in the corporate services industry, being a Director of Operations in Deloitte and then in Meritservus, the service provider of Deloitte, I’m aware that our clients’ needs are dynamic and increasingly demanding.

To anticipate this, we use our long experience in the field to forecast the next challenges and plan ahead. It is the reason we ask you to place your trust in Mastserve and allow us to become the provider of choice and the provider you can trust.

Our personalized approach, professionalism and knowledge of international business, set us apart from the competition. Our small but dynamic firm offers highly personalized services and for this reason we enjoy very close relationships with each and every client of ours.

Our collective aim is to provide real and workable solutions in order to help our clients achieve maximum benefits, whilst reducing business costs.

In conclusion, there are two things clients can count on from Mastserve – high professional standards and the ability to deliver sustainable quality in everything we do.

We look forward to being of service to you and warmly invite your enquiries.

Maria Elia

Maria Elia