Cyprus Citizenship & Cyprus Permanent Residency

Cyprus Citizenship:

The scheme for obtaining a Cypriot passport/nationality through investment was initially enacted by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus in 2011, as it has been amended from time to time dismissing the 7 year residency requirement which was applicable until then.  A foreign applicant may proceed with investments under at least one of the 4 categories mentioned below, as follows:

  1. Investment in Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) or in ­financial assets of Cyprus companies or Cyprus organizations that are licensed by CySeC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission)
  2. Investment by purchasing or by incorporating or by participating in companies or business organizations established in the Republic of Cyprus
  3. Investment in Property in the Republic of Cyprus
  4. Combination of Investments

The categories above are subject to conditions.

Benefi­ts of obtaining Cyprus Citizenship:

  • A fast-track procedure takes only 3-4 months (the fastest in Europe);
  • The investment is as low as €2.000.000,00
  • The investor must retain the investment for just 3 years after which s/he is free to realize it
  • Citizenship is granted to the spouse of the investor and minor children as well as to the financially dependent adult children up to the age of 28, who are full time students
  • No requirement to reside in Cyprus
  • Access to all the rights of an EU citizen protected by EU legislation and regulations – freedom to work, study, reside in any EU-member state, as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein
  • Dual-citizenship permitted and the acquisition of citizenship in Cyprus is not reported to other countries
  • Low government fees for the filing of the application
  • Wide choice of investment options
  • VISA-free travel to over 157 countries worldwide

Mastserve Ltd can assist clients with the preparation, fi­ling and monitoring of a Citizenship Application. The following is a list of core services we provide during the course of a Citizenship application, ensuring that we receive approval in the shortest time frame possible:

  • Advice on the fi­nancial criteria, conditions to be met, and the application procedure
  • Conduct a thorough examination of the speci­fic circumstances of the applicant in order to establish the most effective way to meet the required ­financial criteria
  • Find the right property matching the criteria of the applicant via our network of reputable licensed real estate agents and ensure the applicant is presented with properties that are good value for money
  • Communicate with the responsible Ministries for clearance prior to submitting an application
  • Drafting and assisting with the collection of all required documents;
  • Monitoring the status of the application and following up, including personal meetings where deemed necessary
  • Regular update of the applicant on the progress of their application. Upon granting of the Citizenship, our office can assist with the issuance of the Cyprus passports and ID cards
  • Assistance with the opening of bank accounts at local banks

Cyprus Permanent Residency:

A category of Permanent Residency Permit (PRP) in Cyprus allows immediate family members to acquire permanent residency simultaneously with the applicant.  The procedure for obtaining permanent residency can take as little as two months.

We are experienced in managing the application process and we offer bespoke real estate deals through our licenced associates.

The benefits of the permanent residence in Cyprus includes:

  • The option of second home for the holder
  • The right to lower university tuition fees in some European countries

The potential to acquire a Cyprus (EU) passport after 7 years